What our students say…

Batch of 2023-25



IIM Bangalore

I knew after CAT that I didn’t want to take any chances with the interview phase because it might make or break anyone’s entire trip to their favourite b-schools. The interviewers can ask you anything, so it’s essential to have a thorough understanding of every aspect of your journey and how a particular business school fits into your career plans. This is where CRACKWITHUS came to my aid; their mentors were always approachable and willing to help me with any questions or concerns I had. The feedback I received after mock interviews was invaluable in helping me identify and address any weaknesses in my preparation. Additionally, the encouraging words and positive notes from some of the mentors did cheer me up through this. I am grateful to every mentor who shared their valuable insights with me, and their support really meant a lot to me.

Yash Banka

IIM Kozhikode

After getting decent marks in CAT it was time for WAT-PI. I was clueless on how to prepare and then I came across a post about CRACKWITHUS where it claimed for unlimited mock interviews whereas other institute offered only 3-5 mock interviews. I immediately signed up for it and gave more than a dozen mock Interviews and was assigned a personal mentor as well whom I called frequently and discussed in relation to my preparation. Each mock interview was followed by a feedback which helped to get better and eventually helped me perform well in the actual interviews . CRACKWITHUS played a huge role in my WAT-PI journey. I have been working with these guys for years now! With lots of hard work and timely communication, they made sure they delivered the best to me. Highly recommended!

Saurav Sharma

IIM Shillong

I feel all MBA aspirants believe that cracking CAT is the only major hurdle between them and their dream B-school. I also used to think the same way, but after giving my first mock PI, I realised that I needed proper guidance in order to crack the GDPI process. The support from CRACKWITHUS mentors especially Aditya, was invaluable in helping me to learn the fundamentals of B-school admission interviews. Also, the unlimited mock PI feature of CRACKWITHUS, which no other institute offers has made all the difference in my preparation.

Noah Francis Jose

IIM Kozhikode

The main reason I chose CRACKWITHUS platform is that their mentors were from diversified fields. Once enrolled, they had their first session with me to understand me, my education background so as to prepare me accordingly. They systematically prepared me for the interview with the large question bank they possess both on HR and academic perspective, also had a varied GD mock groups. They being from IIM themselves,their inputs helped me immensely. Personally I was mentored by Siddhant Aggarwal throughout as we were from same educational background. I will definitely suggest CRACKWITHUS to all the aspiring candidates who wish to convert their dream B-school.

Revanth Palvayi


The entrance process for B-schools in India is known to be highly competitive and demanding, as top institutions like IIMs receive a large number of applications every year from candidates with diverse backgrounds and skillsets. In order to stand out from the crowd and secure a spot in these prestigious institutions, candidates often have to go through multiple rounds of rigorous selection criteria, including written tests, group discussions, and personal interviews.
I came across CRACKWITHUS in December of last year and opted for a mock interview. The feedback I got from the team was very helpful and I have decided to go with their highest package. The team made note of a lot of details that were relevant to my applications. They also collectively worked on different aspects such as answer delivery, content, impact and relevance.
Siddhant Agarwal was my mentor and he has been very responsive throughout the whole process. He gave me large sets of questions that were typically asked in B-school interviews and helped me tailor custom and unique answers. He also helped me strengthen my essays and SOPs. The whole team was also very accommodating and helpful with the group interviews and group discussions as well. I had my XLRI interview in 4 days and the team somehow managed to connect me with a current student from XLRI and take my mock interview.
Overall, I was really happy with the quality of mentoring that I was receiving and the quantity of practice that they suggested to me, at a very affordable price. I would definitely recommend CRACKWITHUS for any B-school aspirant any day. Thank you team for making my dream of getting into XLRI Jamshedpur true!



I would like to thank the whole CRACKWITHUS team, for helping me prepare for my personal interviews and GD preparation, all the mentors were really helpful and gave diverse set of inputs in helping me get prepared by taking regular sessions and mock interview . I am very grateful for all the constant help and support provided that has led me to convert all of my best calls.
Thanks again!

Rohit Biswas

IIT Bombay

After overcoming one of the major challenges of cracking CAT, the challenge was cracking the interviews of my dream B-Schools. I came across CRACKWITHUS from the YouTube post of Anshu Choudhary[IIM KOZHIKODE]. The only reason why I joined CRACKWITHUS is that they are from IIM themselves and I wanted to walk with the best minds who have been through this before. After joining, they prepared me with unique answers to all possible HR questions typically asked in a B-School interview and took numerous mock interviews and GD sessions. Moreover coming from an AEROSPACE background I had no clue what and how to prepare for the interview. But they had a solution to this also – a question bank with all the questions. I was mentored by Ayush and Saurabh Purty and they were always approachable and very helpful, their deep insights helped me identify my weakness and eventually work on them to get into my dream B-School.



The most important part of preparing for interviews is taking as many mock interviews as one can and then analyzing those. CRACKWITHUS helps one in this aspect. With the ease of scheduling an interview as per our need we can practice a lot. And practice definately helps one improve our fluency in answers and improve on the spot thinking. Additionally, the detailed feedback from the mentors helps in improving ourselves continuously.